Colorful 2021

Colorful 2021

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Project Colorful 2021 

 I started my project "Colorful 2021" in January, 2021, because I wish for a better life. 
You are welcome.  You can start whenever you want to rebuild your power. 
This is my gift to you to receive a colourful life and thoughts, and become the best version of yourself.🎁

How it works?

I make every day a short video with my sentance and add  that on all my social media every morning . Listen before you start your day. So when you wake up, you can start fruitful your day. The video can open your heart, boost your thinking and creativity. You are akcitivity. Because sentance can boost your mind and heart.  And you first can  ask you: "Is that really you, possible?" 
 Fx the sentance: "I love myself."  So  maybe you ask yourself : "Do I really love myself?" Isn`t not , so why and what can I do to love myself? 
You can repeat the sentence like a mantra during a day,  if you of course have possibility to do it.  Only in FB and Youtube I write helpful thougths and questions  to understand the sentence . Fx What can you do to love yourself?
Start today. Listen your heart and see you in mirror to see yourself and find one thing what you like in yourself . If you dont like so try to love also that. fx, your nose is ugly, but it makes you a special,  try to love a pure beauty of your nose, because it is true.  It`s procees , not for a one day. But every day you learn to build your love to yourself by the project

I saw so many diferences type of videos with affirmations, so long and boring .  They waste your time and are useless. They don´t give enregy and boost. So I cerated my short videos with sentences ,good musisc and my Nature -photos. 

What makes my project different?
It is a short, boost your creativity, wake you up  to live your life  more consiously.
My beautiful nature pictures are helpful to boost your imagination. 

You can also write to me if you have some questions and would like to be guided on the way every day. We can do it together every day.  
So it`s only up to you. Make your best decision today. Follow your heart and do it.
Don`t  think so much.

Project Colorful 2021 helps you to make your every day more Colorful by a daily affirmation in this difficult time.
 If you are persistent , you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

You receive the video and pictures to your Messanger and /or  mail  only for 1 DKK.
Individuel consulation and my support in Danish or Polish 100DKK
Your life in your hands!💚

The Secret to success: consitence and persistence.

Thank you!